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Innovative, Connected & Flexible!

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Party on Us is constantly evolving to enable us to be able to deliver current and classic decorative pieces. We are connected with some of the best prop hire businesses and venues in the Industry to enable us to bring together events that are not only visually outstanding but that the process to get to the delivery is smooth and transparent. 

Kate & Sumon Saha started Party on Us as a small humble family business with a dream to build a reputation off our quality and honesty. We wanted to fill a niche and that involved a passion and determination to source the best, work with the best and be the best. We stand still humble but we have come a long way! 


Life is like a balloon; you must put something into it to get the best possible results. 

Who Trained Us?!

Zoe Adams - Jones (QLD)  Managing Director Jaz Trading & Internationally recognised Certified Balloon Artist

Chris Adamo (NSW) Managing Director The Balloon Crew & Internationally recognised Certified Balloon Artist 

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We have heard the rumours about Balloons being bad for the environment. We are members of the Pro-Environment Balloon Alliance. This means our balloons are only biodegradable. It means the Environment is always in the fore front of our mind and it means we will not condone the release of balloons! Protecting the Environment comes hand in hand with protecting our Industry


Whilst we provide you with products to choose from, everything is customisable. This means mostly your product becomes unique to you! 

We never skimp on the detail! Fine lines, font with pictures within them, balloons placed onto a weight individually! Nothing here is mainstream, nothing is a production line. Everything is thought out and placed perfectly for every job!

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